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All of these varieties are hardy down to zone 3, resistant to white pine blister rust and very high in vitamin c. Currants are self-fertile, but research suggests that planting more than one variety results in better yields.


Black Consort is an old variety with an upright, multi-stemmed form that bears fragrant flowers in spring and brilliant orange red foliage in fall. Clusters of medium-sized, black, sweet-tart musky fruits ripen in late summer.


Tartran has large and juicy red berries that ripen in the middle of summer with intense flavor ideal for making preserves. Although they are more tart than their black counterpart, they can still be eaten fresh and are considered the tastiest of the red currants. Keep in mind that they are more attractive to birds.

Blanca is a white currant with Swedish origin. The berries are creamy white to light yellow in color. The fruits are so sweet, they are usually eaten fresh from the bush. The dense forming fruit clusters are extremely long and offers berries with good post – harvest shelf life for fresh markets.


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