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Tundra and Aurora are a pollinating pair, Indigo Treat and Czech 17 are the other pair. Czech 17 can pollinate all other varieties but is the only pollinator available for Indigo Treat at this time.


Tundra lives up to its name, as the plants have extreme tolerance to cold climate conditions. The plants grow vigorously and will grow to a mature height of 6.5 feet within a few years. Tundra is considered to be the best cultivar for the commercial grower. The fruits have the excellent firmness with a small dry stem scar.


Aurora's fruits are large and powdery blue with an elongated, slightly tapered shape. The stem scar is dry with high quality fruits and excellent choice for fresh or IQF frozen. The berries are longer than wide with an average berry weight 1.9 grams. The flavor of fruits is regarded as sweet when ripe. The plants grow upright to 6 feet with a 3 feet width. Available in a 1 gallon pot instead of 1 liter like the others.


Czech 17 is an extremely vigorous, growing to a mature height of 5-6 feet and spreading 3.5 feet. The medium size fruits have good quality, but is best for making deserts and juicing. An abundant amount of flowers appear over a long period of time in spring, making Czech an excellent pollinator for all cultivars.


Indigo Treat fruits are high in flavor. The light blue fruits are longer and flatter than other cultivars, but will still melt in your mouth. The fruits have excellent firmness with a stem scar that is small and dry, a good attribute for mechanical harvesting and fresh markets. The plants have medium to high vigor growing to 5.5 feet tall, with average to high yields.


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