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The Phoenix Tears Goji Berry plant has highly nutritious, deep orange-colored fruit. Also known as a Wolfberry, this unique fruit is native to Asia and is praised today for being packed with protein, antioxidants, as well as having higher carotene levels than a carrot.Light purple, bell-shaped flowers bloom in May and continue throughout the summer. These jellybean-shaped fruits ripen over a long period in mid-summer, with up to four weeks of harvest. Phoenix Tears Goji berries have a sweet flavor with a slight acidity. The fruit is often dried, canned, or used in smoothies.


This multi-stemmed shrub grows to 5 to 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide and if left untrimmed could grow even taller. Goji Berry plants make a beautiful fountain-shaped bush when trained through a simple cage. The Phoenix Tears Goji is a self-fertile plant that is cold and drought tolerant in zones 3-8. It prefers warm summer days and cool nights, and neutral or somewhat alkaline soil.

Pheonix Tears Goji Berry

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