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Northline Saskatoon is a native shrub that's famous for its great-tasting fruit. The berries are terrific for fresh eating and cooking. The Saskatoon bush itself can be quite large and produces an abundance of fruit. It is popular because it seldom gets over 8 feet in height, which makes it ideal for U-Pick orchards and over-row harvester equipment. The uniform ripening of the berries in full clusters and the desirable sweet taste also make this variety a favorite.


Smoky Saskatoon is a large deciduous shrub that suckers and produces edible fruit. Smoky Saskatoons are one of the most productive and widely used Saskatoons and have large, sweet berries with good yields. It is one of the oldest and first consistently yielding cultivars, which pushed it to be the first used in widespread commercial production. Smoky has slightly smaller fruit than Northline and a milder taste.


Both of these varieties are hardy down to zone 2 (zone 1 when given protection).

Saskatoon Serviceberries

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